Edible Wafer Paper - 100% Flexible


We are sole distributor of Edible Wafer Paper from World's Oldest Manufacture, PRIMUS OUWELFABRIEK B.V. Netherlands. Our Wafer Paper made with finest Dutch Potato Starch, water and olive oil. Its pure vegan product suitable to Vegetarian, Gluten Free and 100% Natural-Sugarfree. Shelf life being 24 Months.

We have two finest quality which are used in Printing edibel images, Edible Brands, Making Flowers, Butterfly, Patels and Leaves. Widely used in decorating icecream, coffee, etc.

Our Wafer Paper are 100% flaxible and uniform size (A4 size) to print finest images without demaging printer head. Being not too much costly, makes fabulous cake in little extra cost...

We have  THIN wafer paper called AD QUALITY for making Flowers and flexible Origami works.

We have THICK wafer paper called ADD QUALITY for printing Edible Images and Making Paterns, Its 100% flexible.

for more details visit www.primuswaferpaper.com

For Inquiry contact AMRISH SHAH --  9428503902 , NIMESH JOSHI -- 7878125002