About Us

SAFFRON SUPPLIER  established in 1999 With the honest dealing and with the mission to satisfy our valued customers and providing them the best, 100% pure, natural, genuine products, the business earned a good name and fame, where the products were sold just by trusting the name of the company. We are the first importer of saffron from Iran and Spain. We import saffron in bulk packing and in various small (1gm, 2gm, 3 gm) packing from Spain.

The high growth of the company, and development of businesses Mr. Amrish Shah, Son of Shri Bhupendra Shah, developed associate business under the name of Saffron Supplier.

Today our company is supplying Saffron to many Sweet manufacturers, Ice-cream makers, Fragrance manufacturer and many other Unani and Ayurvedic medicines Manufacture. We are leading manufacturer of Pure Almond oil.

Due to the heavy rise in the price of saffron at present, we have also focused on the manufacturing of Saffron Extract (KESAR ARK) for Sweets and Ice-cream makers.

We are marketing our all products under Registered Trademark of "KING BRAND".