We are bulk supplier of Saffron, Edible gold and silver leaves and quality manufacturer of saffron extract and Sweet almond oil.We have the finest quality Gold and Silver leaves.We have finest quality edible gold and silver sparkles for cake and confectionery decoration. Also use in garnishing salad, mocktail and cocktail. We have the finest quality food grade Sweet Almond Oil.


Shri Bhupendra Shah formerly formed SAFFRON SUPPLIER in the original name and style of M/s Bhupendra & Company, in the year 1999. With the honest dealing and with the mission to satisfy our valued customers, and providing them the best, 100% pure, natural, genuine products, the business earned a good name and fame, where the products were sold just by trusting the name of the company. We are the first importer of saffron form Iran and Spain.

The high growth of the company, and development of businesses Mr. Amrish shah, Son of Shri Bhupendra Shah, developed associate business under the name of Saffron Supplier.

We are manufactuing edibel Gold and Silver leaf in higenic, automatic Plant and exporting it to Greece, Germany, Russia, UK and Australia.

We have our own facility of manufacturing Almond, Pistachio and Cashew Chips (Kataran), Powder and Tukda.

We are bulk supplier of Luster Dust, Disco Dust, Edible Dragees and Sparkling Suger for Cake decoration and Sweet decoration.

Due to heavy rise in price of saffron at present , we have also focused on manufacturing of Saffron Extract (KESAR ARK) for Sweets and Ice-cream makers.

We are marketing our all products under Registered Trade mark of "KING BRAND".

Featured products

Saffron Loose Bulk Per Gram (Minimum 100 Grams)

Minimum Order should be 100 Grams. Quality as per ISO 3632 Standard. Please contact for more details
₹ 155.00

Edible Gold Leaf 6"X4" (4 Pages)

Edible 24k Gold Leaf
₹ 600.00

Edible Silver Leaf (150 Pages)

Silver Leaf (Varakh)Rs.450/150 Pages of Silver
₹ 450.00

Almond Powder/Chips/Tukda 500 Gram

Widely use in Sweets,cake and chocolate manufacturing..
₹ 500.00

Pista Chips / Powder/ Tukda 500 Grams

Suitable for Sweets, Cake and Colddrinks and cookies..
₹ 800.00

Cashew Powder/Tukda 500 Grams

Cashew Powder for making Indian Sweets, Macarons and cookies
₹ 350.00

Sweet Almond Oil 23 Kg Pack

Aside from the delicious flavor that almond oil gives to many foods and salads, there are actually many other health benefits that this oil can give you. It actually perhaps the most popular of the essential oils and is used in aromatherapy and health spas.
₹ 23,000.00

Luster Dust 1Kg Pack

Suitable for Cake, Chocolate detailing
₹ 7,000.00

Disco Dust 1 Kg Pack

Disco Dust for detailing
₹ 7,000.00

Sparkling Sugar Per Kg

Suitable for cake,chocolate and sweet garnishing
₹ 400.00